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If this isn’t an entrance to a fairy world then I don’t know what is…

Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye, Scotland, April 2014

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1. of or pertaining to trees; treelike.
2. also, arboreous: living in or among trees.
3. Zoology: adapted for living and moving about in trees, as the limbs and skeleton of opossums, squirrels, monkeys, and apes.
Etymology: Latin arbore(us), “of trees”.
[Socar Myles]

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Today’s world is full of chit-chat, and listening to chit-chat is like taking a ball peen hammer to your brain. Chit-chat means that the talkers, gossipers, and windbags, are putting forth no significant effort at all to communicate anything of substance. They were floating on the sensation of being with other relaxed people, and they find that company to be soothing, lulling and comforting. But there is really no effort being spent, no learning is taking place. Dawdling affords a certain pleasure; it just happens to be an ignoble one.

But clearly it seems that the level of informal discourse has fallen to where it is no longer a spirited exchange of ideas or experiences. A friend of mine drifted into a group of neighbors, and what did they discuss? One person talked loudly of switching her TV systems from Time Warner Cable to Direct TV because TWC was too expensive.. There was talk about the expensiveness of people’s electric bill. There was talk about the expensiveness of propane versus natural gas. One loud woman told the gathering that her favorite TV series was “24,” and she likes to watch “NSIC” because Mark Harmon was “the most attractive man on Earth.” No one said anything that was worth knowing. Or repeating. No one told stories. Apparently no one had lived a life. Their lives were all second hand, chosen right off the rack. After fifteen minutes, you wanted to rush home and blow your brains out, he said.

Another friend of ours had just emerged from a similar experience. She sat and listened to a woman who reads best selling author James Patterson because he’s easy, and he’s entertaining, but asked why he is entertaining, she had no answer. It is her habit never to bother her head about structure or style. Style is an author’s literary personality, but she doesn’t understand what style is. Another person present boasted of reading tale of Two Cities, last year, but grew resentful when asked about which character they liked best. Apparently reading a book is trouble enough without having to remember its characters or its plot.

Unfortunately lethargy, boredom, fatigue, idleness have serious and unintended consequences. It is our own acts and achievement that act to create hope for us. We do certain actions rather than others because what is at stake is the kind of person that we want to become.


- Richard Sale | From his essay, 'The Betrayal of Solitude' (via indigenousdialogues)


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Oddly satisfying

I had no idea I felt this way


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"One of the most sinister things about normalized racism is you don’t have to have bad intentions to be racist, you just have to remain ignorant."

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